All Hulu Channels List With Hulu Subscription 2018

Hulu is one of the popular video subscription services available in the United States and Japan. Streaming services for entertainment have rapidly become one of the best and Movies. Though there are , these services place the power of choice in the hands of the viewers and hence a better model of viewing entertainment has emerged. Furthermore, many viewers are happy to watch a few shows from popular Hulu channels rather than subscribing to expensive cable TV packages.

Hulu and other streaming services provide the advantage of just paying a minimum amount and enjoying only your favourite TV shows and movies. Hulu () is an American video on demand service it is basically a consortium of media companies such as Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, and Time Warner.

A feature that is to be introduced in the future is live television programming of events, due to start in 2018. Hulu has a wide range of content partners such as Viacom, NBC Universal, CBS, Fox, BBC, ABC, Comcast, MTV, VH1, Discovery Communications and more they have been working on bringing some exclusively for Hulu audience.

Hulu has also steadily come up with its own content which started with the web series. ‘The Morning After’ and ‘Battleground’ was Hulu’s first original script show. For plan and pricing don’t forget to check .

Hulu Channels List 2018 | Top Hulu Networks

Hulu offers the shows from many popular networks let us take a closer look at the Hulu plus Channels 2018 list and the content it offers. Also, do check in your region if Hulu is not an option for you.

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1. ABC

Abc Network

Hulu plus channels list offers some of the ABC channels on its subscription service. ABC, American Broadcasting Company is one of the oldest networks in United States. It continues to be a major network with programming in all major genres. Recently, ABC has come up with several successful sitcoms and drama series such as General Hospital, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Alias, Nashville, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Desperate Housewives and The Goldbergs. The network covers news, sports, award shows and fiction based shows on its various channels.

The network covers news, sports, award shows and fiction based shows on its various channels. For a combo of News, Sports, and Shows, this is a great addition to Hulu’s network list.

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2. MTV

mtv channel

Hulu channels package provides many of MTV’s latest shows like Catfish, Teen Mom 2, Daria, The Hills, 16 and Pregnant and Finding Carter. MTV is a popular network related to the music genre shows. It started in the 1980’s with the splurge of new music videos created by artists. The popularity of artists of the 80’s such as Michael Jackson, MC Hammer and Madonna fuelled MTV’s global popularity. It also promoted hard rock music with bands like Metallica, Guns n Roses, and Nirvana.

MTV also launched its Video Music Awards which have become one of the most popular music events of the year. MTV, since the 2000’s has been bringing in more reality-based shows like Punk, ’d and The Jersey Shore. Many of classic MTV shows which gained popularity in the 90’s are also available on Hulu such as Beaves and Butthead and MTV News. With the inclusion of MTV in Hulu TV Networks, I’m feeling the urge to renew my subscription soon.

3. NBC

nbc Tv Network

NBC is another top network part of the popular Hulu plus channels list. Sometimes referred to as the ‘peacock network’ owing to its logo, it is a popular network which provides a wide array of drama and reality TV programming. It is one of the earliest networks for broadcasting and forms the Big Three of networks in America. Now NBC acts as a subsidiary of Comcast.

NBC programming has many primetime shows like Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Voice, Law and Order Special Victims Unit and America’s Got Talent.

4. Comedy Central

Comedy Central

Comedy Central is a popular channel offered on Hulu plus channels lists for a subscription. It is an American television network owned by Viacom. It is primarily dedicated to comedy-based programming and features some of the in the genre. Comedy Central made it big when it launched the show Southpark, which even though has mature content, became quite popular through word of mouth.

Comedy Central has earned a reputation by hosting Roast shows where well-known celebrities are made fun of while they participate in the show. The shows which are currently being shown on the Hulu plus service as part of the Comedy Central programming are The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Key & Peele, Reno 911, Southpark, Comedy Central Stand-Up and Midnight with Chris Hardwick. It is a unique channel in terms of showing comedy content unavailable on other channels.

5. Fox

Fox network

Hulu has forged a tie with Fox Entertainment. Fox is a subsidiary of the 21st Century Fox network which was launched 30 years ago. It is the first network which could break the monopoly of the Big Three networks in the United States (ABC, NBC and CBS). Fox provides shows of different genres but the one genre which has stood out and been a global success is adult animation.

With shows like Simpsons (which has been running for 28 seasons), family guy, and now Bob’s burgers, Fox has enjoyed great success with viewers worldwide. The latest shows on Fox include Lethal Weapon, Empire, New Girl, Scream Queens, Bones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Gotham. All these shows are available as part of the Hulu Channels service. Some of the most successful franchise reality shows given by Fox are American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen. Fox provides programming with the latest trends in entertainment while continuing classic shows like The X-Files.

6. BBC Worldwide and BBC America

BBC Network

The British Broadcasting Corporation is one of oldest broadcasting network companies in the world. The popular Hulu plus channels have BBC Worldwide and the BBC America included, the content of which is more in tune with the American audience. TV shows like The Office, Spaced, The Musketeers, Atlantis, The F Word, Outnumbered and Gavin & Stacey are available on Hulu subscription.

BBC America is a joint network owned by BBC Worldwide and AMC Networks. The channel was launched in 1998 with programming in a wide range of genres such as comedy, drama, and lifestyle. The lifestyle programming went on to become the most popular with the American audience. Some of the most popular shows of the channel which are from the BBC Worldwide programming include Man vs. Wild, The Graham Norton Show and Top Gear.

7. CBS


CBS is one of the oldest networks in America and part of the Big Three Triad of cable and satellite TV networks in the United States. The network has many classic shows which are still very much in-demand today and offered as part of the Hulu plus channels subscription service. Some of these all-time favourite shows are Mork and Mindy, Happy Days, Brady Bunch, all the series of Star Trek, I Love Lucy and The Twilight Zone.

In current programming CBS has been very successful with competitive shows of different genres, these include Top Model, The Amazing Race, and Survivor. Popular drama shows of the current era are CSI (different series), Frasier, The Guardian, Melrose Place and Blue Bloods. CBS has always maintained a certain degree of higher standard quality in terms of content.

8. Hulu Originals

hulu originals

Subscribing to the Hulu service offers added benefits of viewing Hulu Original shows. Hulu began its original programming in 2011 with web series The Morning After. Since then more and more shows are being offered such as The Mindy Project, Difficult People, Casual, The Path, Battleground, and Chance. This fresh new programming can be interesting. Services like Hulu plus are increasing their original shows and the trend is likely to gain prominence in future.

9. Cartoon Network

cartoon network channel

Cartoon Network is a popular children’s satellite television network owned by Time Warner. The channel began in 1992 and became a major entertainment channel for kids. Cartoon Network started experimenting with its shorts section in which new ideas for cartoons were shown in the ‘What a Cartoon!’ section by independent animators. This lead to some trademark cartoons which became popular worldwide.

Some of these are Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls and Ed, Edd n Eddy. These cartoons remain popular even in present programming. Some of the Cartoon shows given by Cartoon Network on Hulu plus include Samurai Jack, Sonic Boom, Uncle Grandpa and Flapjack. This is most popular TV channel on Hulu Channels list.

10. History Channel

History Channel

The History Channel is known for its classic documentary series in different genres. The Biography series was particularly popular with its interesting in-depth insights into the lives of important historical figures. The History channel also broadcasts drama and talk shows which are available on the Hulu service. Some of these shows include Ancient Aliens, The Kennedys, Roots, Top Gear US, American Pickers, and Vikings.

11. FX

FX is a channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group. It is accustomed to providing content based on new styles of creation which is more interactive. It was the first channel to use email and website to interact with viewers and develop their programming according to viewer suggestions. The shows include American Horror Story, Married, Fargo, The Bastard Executioner, The Comedians, and Archer.

12. Discovery Channel

discovery channel

Discovery is a popular TV network for knowledge-based shows it provides documentaries on various topics such as science, culture, technology, history, travel, and nature. The network was started in the United States 30 years ago and has developed into a bouquet of channels covering the original style of programming.

The network enjoys global success with channels like Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Life, Investigation Discovery and more. The Hulu channels list subscription also provides Discovery shows such as Gold Rush, Man vs. Wild, Naked and Afraid, Mythbusters and Dual Survival. Hulu plus also covers Discovery Espanol, Investigation Discovery, and Discovery News.

13. NatGeo Channel

national geographic

The National Geographic Channel was an offspring of the more than 100-year-old National Geographic Society. It primarily offers non-fiction documentaries. Just like the National Geographic Magazines are known for their stunning photographs the National Geographic Network has programs with beautiful visuals.

As part of the Hulu channels Service, many channels can be streamed from the network such as – Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Mundo, and The National Geographic Channel. Of the shows, which can be streamed the best are – He Named me Malala, Live Free or Die, Animals Documentaries, Environment Videos, Travel, Live!, Explorer, Destination Wild, Big Cat Week and Kangaroo Dundee.

14. ESPN


ESPN was started, as a Sports and Entertainment channel almost 40 years ago in the United States. Since then it has been broadcasting major sporting events from around the globe every year. It is available in almost all countries worldwide. The network has sister channels like ESPN2, ESPN 3, ESPN News etc.

The Hulu service, however, has not started to stream live events as yet but there is planning to begin live event streaming in 2018. The shows, which are currently available, include O.J. Made in America, 30 for 30 and 30 for 30 Shorts.

15. VH1


VH1 is an acronym for Video Hits One and was started by MTV to play music videos and live events. VH1 has had many successful running non-music programs, which are still related to music. Shows about artists and their lives became very popular in giving an inside glimpse into the music industry. Shows like VH1 legend has showcased artists like Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Guns n Roses, Queen, U2, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the Bee Gees and more.

Another similar program is Behind the Music which, showcases upcoming artists. VH1 has been very creative in its programming and introduced new shows with different formats but still in tune with its musical roots. Some of them are Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives LA, I love New York and Barely Famous.

Do you know and the channels it has to offer? is huge when compared with Hulu. Do check if OTT Internet TV is your choice.

 Complete List Of Hulu Channels 2018

It won’t be possible to describe each and every channel on Hulu Plus list. Instead, we have created a tabular list which consists of each and every channel streaming on Hulu. Don’t forget to tap next to find the whole bunch of Hulu networks.

The recent popular additions are HGTV and OWN networks are on Hulu now. Many people were asking if OWN and HGTV are available on Hulu. Yes, they have made their place. Hulu channels list now much more popular than ever before.

Hulu Network goes Big With HBO: Finally HBO comes to Hulu. Now add HBO add-on to your plan and watch Game of Thrones and many popular shows live or on-demand.

Hulu Plus Networks
20th Television4k Media
80twelve9 story media group
ABC NewsABC studio
Above AverageAdult Swim
American Pop ClassicsAnchor Bay Entertainment
Animal PlanetAnime Network
AniplexAnyone but me llc
Australian Broadcasting CorporationAwesomenessTv
BBC AmericaBBc WorldWide
Broadway VideoCaracol Television
Cartoon Network
Charlie RoseChicago tribune
Comedy CentralComedy Dynamics
Content Media CorporationCorral 360
CrunchyrollCyber Group
DaisukiDavis Panzer
DCD RightsDeluxe
DHX MediaDigital Media Group
Digital StudioDiscovery Channel
Discovery en espanol
Disney ChannelDisney junior
Disney XDDrama fever
e- EntertainmentEcho Picture
Electric EntertainmentEndemol Shine International
Eone Entertainement DistributionEpix Originals
EspnEstrella Tv
FandangoFilthy Productions
Food Network
Fox Movie ChannelFox News
Fox Sports 1
FreeformFrementle Media
HJ HoldingsHollywood Today Live
Hulu Original SeriesIconix
IFCImage Entertainment
IndigeniusInvestigation Discovery ( ID )
ITVJanson Media
KCETKeshet International
LeanInLegend Films
Litton EntertainmentLive nation
Los Angels timeslouiscknet
Manga EntertainmentMarvel
MHZ networksOWN
Mother UpMPI
Music Box filmsMyNetworkTv
NASANat Geo Mundo
Nat Geo WildNational Geographic
NBC universalNBCU TV
Nis americaNowthis
OraTvOrlando Sentinel
Pajama Publishing incPaley Center
Quintus MediaRCTv
RedbullRick Steves Network
Salient MediaSBS
ScholasticScience Channel
Sentai FilmworksSesame Street
Shift by MSNBCShoutFactory
ShowtimeShowtime free Episode
SKYSony Picture Television
SpaceripSpeed racer
SynergeticSports Illustrated
SproutStadium Media
Stand up to cancerStarz
Starz digitalSun Sentinel Originals
Sundance TvSunrise
TV landThe Escapist
The New York TimesThe orchard
The Pokemon CompanyThe Three Stooges
Travel ChannelThink it up
TMS EntertainmentTNT
Toei EntertainmentTCD (Total Content Digital)
USAUniversal Television
VH1Viz Media
xploration StationWalter Lathem( comedy)
Warner BrosWestWind Pictures
WGN AmericaWWE
XiveTvZodiak Rights
ZDF Entertainment

Update: Crunchyroll is a major addition to Hulu’s network, as it’s very well known for its anime collection. will be fun on Hulu. It would be easier to find many of  right on Hulu. 

More Hulu Channels Are Coming

As per the report published in BusinessInsider, Hulu Live channel service will be released at an early stage of 2018. As of now, TV shows are available next day of airing, Hulu Live service will break this legacy by streaming live Channels with a new monthly subscription plan.

Update: Hulu Live beta has been launched and accessbile to all the users. There are more than 50+ . Live Games, News, and TV Shows.

Hulu’s has made ties to an aggregate huge number of channels to enhance their list. If the report to be believed, Hulu is going to make a drastic change in cord cutting scenario. So, this is what we know about . Also, do . Do askabout any query you have about channels and plans.

So these were popular Hulu Channels that are accessible when one opts for Hulu’s subscription. More promising servicing yet to come. Keep in touch.

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    Why are some commercials in spanish ?

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      No idea about that.

  • Lisa says:

    I have three Vizios, and they work just fine. Make sure you ask for a Vizio smart tv.

  • dan hruby says:

    what type of smart tv do I need to subscribe to Hulu live tv and how is hulu different from other providers

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      Apple TV, Samsung TV. Hulu is cheap as compared to other providers. You get access to popular premium channels.

      • Dan says:

        Why do I have to have a specific tv to subscribe to Hulu?

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          You can use Hulu on any smart TV but Hulu Live is limited to few devices. Hulu has been working and more devices will be added soon.

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      You dont need a smart hdtv you only need a TV with an HDMI port and a firestick Chromecast or Roku to make it smart

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        True, but only newer version of Roku would be able to stream Live TV. You need to check if your Roku supports Hulu live.

  • Robin says:

    Does Hulu plus live carry Fox sports Midwest????

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      There are many fox channels on hulu but Midwest is not there. Just let me know your zip code, I can search channels in your region.

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    Does Hulu (5.99 mo. plan) include discovery channel – not live but current seasons?

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      Yes, you get more than 200 channels with Hulu including Discovery.

  • Ann says:

    Does Hulu Plus have all the shows on CBS, ABC and NBC?

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  • Ann says:

    Why does it say Hulu plus channels and sometimes Hulu?
    I thought it was called Hulu, do we pay more for Hulu plus?

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      Ann, Hulu used to have free and paid plans, i.e, Hulu (Free plan) and Hulu Plus(paid plan). Back in 2016 Hulu decided to go with a premium plan only which is now known as Hulu Plus. Recently Hulu came up with Live TV plan. So, to be precise, Hulu comes in two variant. Hulu Plus (on-demand package) and Hulu Live TV( Live Channels ). I hope this clears all your doubt.

      • Ann says:

        Does the Hulu paid plan (the special $5.99 a month) have all the shows that play on CBS, NBC, and ABC?

        • says:

          Not all the shows, but you have popular ones. Also, they keep on updating their content profile. You get access to more than 200 Hulu channels. With that, movies, TV series & originals are great to binge on.

  • Carol Vaquera says:

    Is AMC not available???? I really miss the Walking Dead

    • says:

      available but you won’t be able to watch the walking dead.

  • marguerite says:

    is hallmark on hulu and is velocity ?

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      No, these are not available.

  • Gary says:

    Do you have own or may be getting it soon

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      Already have own.

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