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20 Free Sites To Watch TV Series Online (Full Episode In 2018)

In the motion picture, one thing that has changed drastically over years is TV series. Gone are those days when watching Series were only about friendship, romance, emotions, and action. With damn real graphics technology coming into play, the fictitious world seems real and exploring a creative content is much more fun as compared to other means of entertainment.

There are different categories with-in television, such as drama, comedy, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, and documentary. So it may not be appropriate to compare series from different categories. It’s no more a mystery to watch series online and that too on some lavish & premium platforms for free. Unlike TV that cost you money, streaming platforms are available 24*7 to serve you free content.

There are many free movie websites content but hardly anyone talks about series.  So, here we are going to feature best websites to watch TV Series that most suitable to watch popular & hit shows anytime and anywhere.

As far as the movies are concerned, I was movie fond of guy 4 years back, but the TV Series can be just as intriguing as their big screen counterparts. In fact, TV shows are far more thrilling, gripping, suspenseful, and downright funnier than many films I’ve seen.

Best Sites To Watch TV Series Online Full Episode For Free

The trick is finding the best sites to watch series online which aren’t always so easy to do. Some sites will scam you into signing up. But these sites are trusted and can easily allow you to watch series online without paying any money.

Also, we suggest you to use some proxy apps, extension or software to hide your IP. In case, you want to surf without exposing your IP, VPN service is a great service to try. There are lots of free services. Do check them out after this article.


Best site to watch Tv series online

Well, if you visit us regular than this inclusion is no stranger to you. With Movies and TV series this platform is always applauded by our team. Thanks to Light for his discovery. As mentioned, you can watch TV Series using a simple search or by choosing the category. All you need to do is select a category and check the series you would love to watch.

I personally always prefer IMDB before taking a step to watch any content. Anything above 7 stars is good to watch (from personal experience). Don’t expect the latest series from this site. This is legal platform and deals with legal stuff. The recent makeup on TubiTV is just amazing and now it looks more like a premium product than free goody.

2. |Latest Series|

One of the finest website to watch TV series available on this planet. Be its latest season of GOT or any of the TV series from past, Yesmovies has a separate catalog for the series lover. You just need to select the series category and search for the series you want to play. The best part is the display with thumbnails, that’s what makes selection super easy.

Like other websites, this site makes content more enjoyable by delivering fewer ads and banners. A plus point for sure. The website has been making its presence among the most visited sites to watch series online. I personally loved this platform but I hardly use it.

3. |Download Only|

Screenshot of Todaytvseries

This is phenomenal, and I bet you are going to love this for the rest of your life. This ain’t a site to stream & watch series but rather a downloading site. Yes, you can download most of the TV series here. The interface looks premium and catchy. Simply track your show and start downloading on your PC, mobile or on any device. One can also track the shows from their series calendar as it displays all the upcoming shows.

Having said that, unlike many other websites, TodayTVseries content & design is unaltered since 2016. Hope it remains like this only. Do let me know what you feel about this site. Share your thoughts in the comment box. Also, don’t forget to share this article.


Not many people know if it’s possible to watch full-length series on this platform. With Movies and TV shows, one can stream lots of content legally on this site. You can enjoy their whole catalog with Android and iOS app. Just swipe your fingers across the screen and watch series for free.

Smooth streaming of shows is hinder by ads as this is the only way they keep this site going. Well, it’s hard to complain when you have the whole platter for free. Not to forget, youtube videos are also interrupted by frequent ads. The recent facelift of their website has made it a more interesting place to visit for watching some of the not so popular but worth watching series.

5. |Best Site|

Watch tv shows on this site

This site is listed low as this ain’t a site to watch series online but a site to download. One of the best of its type with the largest library you will ever come across. The black colored theme with a ting of pink looks pleasing to the eyes. If you ever wondered for a place to get Full-length series then this website should be your first choice.  If you are more into series than movies than you can track the full schedule of upcoming shows.

The right sidebar of site features the trending series that people are loving. This is a great way to find what people are watching. Usually, the top trending series is good to watch. The most watch section help in finding the most watched series today. It one of the best sites to watch series online if only watching series is what you want.

6. |Good Collection|

Watch High-quality TV series in Ultra-high video quality. No worries regarding annoying advertisement. Although you might be wondering free service without ads, that’ the specialty of this site. And finally, something to cheer about for streamers. You can even download movies and subtitles to watch offline. An amazing source to find & watch any web series without any delay. For anime lover, they have a separate website where one can stream & watch anime for free.

When compared with sites mentioned above, Fmovies lags in content and presentation. The reason for which goes to the variety they offer. Also, the website work with multiple domain name and proxy.

7. |Good Variety|

Free site to watch TV series

One of the best movie download sites & a perfect place to watch the full-length series from various genre. Basically, it’s a site working in multiple niches, and TV shows are one of those. Simply pull off your keyboard and start typing name on the show you planned to watch tonight.

Request content tab is simply icing on the cake. You request what you seek for. The design is close to perfection and the nuisance created by pop-up and ads are minimal. When compared with any other sites, Xmovies has the massive library one can watch series from.


One of the biggest sites for watching shows & Web Series, GoStream is a beast. The site covers wide niches of content curated from different sources. Be it Movies or shows you them all. The site featured content from different countries. The moment you select your preferred country, the whole page of Shows is displayed with all the titles and thumbnails.

As you land on the sites, the homepage appears quite simple. All the function and links to the content are laid on the menu. Explore the site to find the content you are looking for. Also, the site may not work in your country due geo-restriction, so keep patience and check other websites mentioned here.


watch TVshows on snagfilms

Snagfilm is an amazing site to for all cinema lover with a classic touch. This website is not sheerly dedicated to TV series as they have movies too. Unlike many streaming sites that confuse users, Snagfilms is well-managed and built site. The support for various modern-day devices makes it my first choice while traveling to any fun-deprived location.

To mention, this site is not for amateurs who are up to latest and kinky stuff. The real essence lies in the classic series and this what this site offers you. They have one of the best movie apps for Android and iOS which has pretty smart rating on the app store.

If you are looking for some paid service then netflix is far ahead of any streaming service. You can find a detailed guide on Netflix price in your country. Do check it out.


Watching series & shows for free without any registration or any fees is a concrete reality. Flixtor is one such site to stream TV shows & Full-length Episodes of your latest & favorite content online. Unlike most of the sites, Flixtor has clean design without any annoying ads or banners. The website is so much clear that it’s hard to tell whether it’s premium or free.

The menu laid at the top let you select TV shows, TV series, Movies using a single click. Once you click on the options, you get all the featured content with a good HD thumbnail. This is by far the best sites to watch series online you will find on the internet. The only downfall is that, it’s not working in all the countries.


Premium Site Hotstar

Hotstar is well known for streaming sports content, movie, and many popular TV series and web series.  Indian based website which was launched just before world cup 2015. It has gained so much popularity among Indian youth that if they miss live TV shows or series they can always watch them on Hotstar. Just log in with your details and enjoy this site.

Hotstar also streams premium TV shows which are not offered by Netflix. Their free and premium catalog are pleasant to watch. Do check this website to watch TV series and let us know how much you do like it. Hotstar is also available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. A perfect to place to watch popular TV series from HBO at very low rates.


Another website to watch series online that gives you an option to Stream as well as instantly download TV shows and movies. There are two ways to explore this site, (i.e.) as a registered user and as a free user. The Registered user gets all possible features from the site. But in the latest review, we found that they asking to login. Once you get yourself registered, one can start watching series free of cost.

Note : Registering in such sites is safe until you don’t expose any of your credentials to them. These could be in form of Credit Card, Social password or other your personal details. So make sure to check whether the site is authentic or fake.


Watch your favorite show on crackle

Crackle is a venture of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Like TubiTV, Snagfilms, Crackle host & let you watch TV series, movies & Anime instantly. Being a free service, one can enjoy the whole content without paying any penny. Crackle has been in limelight due to its content and support for multiple platforms. Yes, you name any and Crackle will run flawlessly including Play Station, SmarTV, etc.

The only trouble that we faced while using the service was low video quality. When the world is loving HD, crackle let you stream shows & movies on 360p & 480p. Though shows are also in SD quality. Having said that, if you living in US territories, then do give it a shot.


This is another video on demand site with millions of users globally. For all of us, this site has to offer is Free movies, Free TV Shows, Viral Videos from all categories. This site organizes the video content available online so that videos for users are easy to discover and share. Android and the iOS app will change your experience altogether.

The simple funda is about searching the title and check which platforms are streaming it for free. There are many TV shows and movies which one can get for free.


Screenshot of ShareTv

Similar to OVguide, ShareTV is a much better option to search TV shows you want to binge online. Unlike other sites, ShareTV is a search engine that let you search shows & movies from the different platform. Once you have your title on screen, you can watch TV series on the same moment. The simple interface, lots of categories and filters to precise your search is a much-appreciated effort.

Finding out series is easy and straight. Simply type in the name of series you want to watch and hit the search button. The search machine will curate all the possible links where you can watch series online for free or by opting for a paid plan.


Watch all popular TV series online ordered from A to Z. Just check TV shows section and there it is your free source of TV shows and movies. The best part here is calendar section; it keeps you updated with the latest Episode aired. No account needed. In a crowded marketplace of streaming, ProjectFreeTV grew to become one of the most visited TV shows streaming site. There are many debates going on the web about this website as many people consider it a legal platform.


Viewster Screenshot

When it comes to the variety of content, Viewster is the name that strikes my mind every time. Be it movies & TV Shows, or Anime, it has multiple genres to offer. Though it is known as an anime website and their app looks more like an anime App, Viewster has grabbed attention for its content. Watch Full-Length series online with Viewster and check the catalog and start watching shows for free, even without registering. The best part is that you will find full-length content instead of the trailer or unfinished episode.

Don’t expect the content to be similar to sites like Netflix, Hulu or Fmovies. Remember, Netflix and Hulu are premium services, whereas Viewster is completely free. You can check out the official website below.

18.  |Indian Series|

Tvf play is the name that educated the youth about web series culture. Based on the Indian audience, this online channel is the best place to watch some of India’s best online series (wrote about this site because of the popularity it has gained). They work hard and come up with the latest trend based series for youth.

This site is dedicated to the original content that is created by Tvf. They are best known for Indian web series like the Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Tripling. Recently released Bachelors is the must watch if you like watching parody kind of stuff.


List of Tv series on MovieWatcher

Oh, I am sorry, I missed it in the first place. Lots of popular and trending stuff waiting for you there. Visit this site, click on TV series and there it is, all that you want. Now watch TV series online for free without paying a hefty sum and that too without any hassle. You can select either your favorite show or just sort them down depending upon IMDb rating. You get to select shows depending on users reviews – as most popular show and most viewed show. Streaming here made it easier for people to catch their show every Sunday.

I could have rated and rated it in top spot if the login was not a compulsion here. Yes, a user needs to log in before they can actually start watching TV shows. As I mentioned earlier, we strongly discourage signing in any such site.


Voot getting all the possible popularity what Hotstar got during its initial stage. With time, Hotstar has become one of the best platforms to watch TV series while Voot is lagging behind in many contexts. Be it the quality of content or quantity of content. With more entertainment houses encroaching the VOD market, Voot has revamped its platform with movies, TV Series & exclusive web-series.

To be precise, if watching soaps and reality shows are what you love, Voot is definitely a wise option to try. You can watch all TV shows from different channels from Viacom network for free. The platform is famous for the popular reality TV show Big Boss.

Final Words

We did best of our knowledge. Try any of these sites and watch tv series for free. If you enjoyed and had fun with these sites, then give us thumbs up. Also, share your favourite spot that you personally prefer while looking for any series.

We recommend using free trials to get best user experience and then switch to other sites with a simple layout and huge series database. As far as video quality is concerned these sites provide high-quality videos.

These are best free series sites where one can actually watch full-length series without downloading. You can always recommend sites what you like and we are happy to update it for you. Finding sites to watch series online is always difficult. We knew, so we helped you out here. Keep in touch many more interesting article coming soon.

Sharing is appreciated.

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